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Search Engine Submissions, A key element to Promotion

Recent studies indicate that 85% of Internet users rely on search engines and directories to locate products and services online.

Methodologies used in a professional search engine submission process will greatly enhance your site's chances of receiving competitive search engine rankings. By leveraging industry alliances, we can recommend affordable search engine submission programs that offer the broadest exposure possible.

For new web sites, it is critical to perform your search engine submissions in a knowledgeable order, to increase the speed of your listings and enhance your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Placement

Search engine submissions require ongoing expertise and management. Because search engine positioning fluctuates, industry knowledge and the ongoing determination to maintain broad search engine exposure will give your site the edge over your competition.

Search Engine Registration

At E-TECH web design studio, we take the guesswork out of search engine submission. We will develop a program in tune with the goals you have set for your web site - offering broad search engine exposure at a reasonable cost.

Most of the major search engines require some type of fee for placement (pay for inclusion) or require keyword "bidding" (pay per click) to assure your place in their respective search indices.

We will develop a cost effective search engine submission program that will boost your web site positioning right from the start. We will manage your search engine registrations, follow up on your search engine placement and rankings, and provide professional, honest guidance to assure ongoing success.

To learn more about how E-TECH web design studio can help your web site succeed in the search engines, click here to contact us.

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