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E-commerce is the ability to sell products or services. Visitors will be able to see a complete detail of the item, add it to a "shopping cart", and order the item. The most important issue for clients selling on-line is the shopping cart. Will it meet my needs?

Merchant Account

If you want to accept credit cards, you need a Merchant Account. If you already have a Merchant Account, you can use your existing account to accept credit cards for Internet transactions. This will work fine if you wish to do off-line payment processing as described above. If you wish to add real-time payment processing or you are a new merchant, you need to apply for an "Internet enabled" Merchant Account. Each Merchant Account provider has different rates and different solutions. You should shop around for the best solution.

Off-line Credit Card Processing

The easiest and the most affordable way of processing credit cards is an off-line authorization and settlement process. Your customers' credit card information is captured and stored on our server for later authorization and transaction processing through a traditional card swipe terminal or through a computer. If you are clearing more than 100 transactions a month, you may want to consider real-time payment processing option.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a merchant account number from your existing business, you should be aware of the following: depending on the type of merchant account you have, Internet transactions may not be acceptable to your merchant account bank. Internet transactions are considered "card-not-present" and you may need to obtain a merchant account specifically designed for such transactions.

Real-time Credit Card Processing

A customer comes to your online store. Purchases your product and enters the credit card information...What's next? Here is what happens if you have real-time payment processing:
Credit card information is sent over the Internet (securely) to your online payment processor.
Your online payment processor in turn contact the card's issuing bank over the private financial network.

Your online payment processor returns approved/declined notice to your customer who is still at your online store. Typically, both you and your customer receive e-mail notifications of the transaction with tracking numbers.

E-TECH's E-Commerce Engine, more than a Shopping Cart

Our E-Commerce Engine is Merchant Friendly! Once the engine is implemented seamlessly into your website, you will be able to ADD-EDIT-REMOVE any number of products. Here is a list of features that you will be able to perform:

Full browser based back-end administration

Add/delete products while the shop is running

Sales reports keep the merchant up-to-date

Merchant notified by e-mail for each order

Automatic customer confirmation e-mail

Merchants can add their own messages to confirmation form

Shipping calculations

Automatic table driven customer based pricing (retail/reseller)

Automatic table driven quantity based pricing

Non-Customers can join mailing list

Discount Coupons

Encrypted credit card information

Any type of non credit card payments

Manual credit card handling just like your existing phone order

Automatic discounts based on amounts orders

Export data for loading into accounting packages or backup

Unlimited product, categories

Unlimited features (colors, size) per product

Tax calculated by country, state

Any type of product can be sold

Photos, images and extended description pages can be automatically displayed

Extensive search facilities are provided for easier customer shopping

Multi-product selection so customers can buy quickly and easily

Extensive support for repeat customers like quick ordering and checkout

Auto links to images and extended product description pages

Four account types, Admin, Reseller, Retail, Retail Guest (not logged in)

Limit viewing of prices or ordering based on account type

Customer review of past orders for easy reordering.

And much more

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