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We respect the privacy of our clients so only clients that authorized public acknowledgment of our association are listing in this company profile. Please understand that majority of our client base will not be listed for this reason.

The following clients show the spectrum of our large client base:

Klassic Specialties

Klassic Specialties is a wholesaler and retailer of high quality products for Laser, inkjet and Plotter devices. (Ink, toner and media.)

Some of the key features of this full service e-commerce site includes:

Product Finder - Products are displayed based on the customerís printer.

Complete e-Commerce (Shopping) with customer history.

Remembers printer search and tags products as for that printer on invoice.

Owners can review any past order and view sells charts for each month.

The owner of the site can review and update all aspects of the product and search system databases.

East Whittier Presbyterian Church

East Whittier Presbyterian Church website is a low budget, but very dynamic location on the web.

The automated systems keep the pages current and alive. All information is entered once a month by a staff member and is automatically displayed or removed on the correct date.

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